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Quergelesen 6er

Quergelesen 6er

A Cross-section of first harvested grapes.

Quergelesen stands for a range of wines that come from an early selection of our vineyards. These classic, variety specific wines impress with their straightforward and light-hearted characters. Uncomplicated drinking pleasure on an exceptional level.

1x Rosé perlend
* 1x Rosé quergelesen 2020
* 1x Gemischter Satz quergelesen 2020
2x Grüner Veltliner quergelesen 2020
1x Zweigelt quergelesen 2017

57.00 €
Regionsweine 6er

Regionsweine 6er

The taste of our home country.

The wines of our “regional” range mirror the unmistakable, original Character of the Wagram. They grow on the unique “Wagramer Löss” soil and are the backbone of our winery. The Riesling takes a special place in this series since its vines root in one of a few gravel deposits of the Wagram region.

2x GV, Wagramlöss 2020
2x WB, Wagramlöss 2020
1x Traminer, Wagramlöss 2020
1x Riesling, Wagramschotter 2020

67.00 €
Riedenweine 6er

Riedenweine 6er

Flagship wines  from our best single vineyards.

Single vineyard wines embody all the potential for great wines. They represent a true reflection of the piece of land that the vines grow on. Each of these vineyards also holds great emotional importance since they are also an intricate part of our family history.

* 1x Schafflerberg, GV 2020
1x Mittersteig, WB 2019
1x Mittersteig, WB 2020
* 1x Eisenhut, RV 2019
* 1x Eisenhut, RV 2020
1x Fuxberg, TR 2019

105.00 €
Engilmar 6er

Engilmar 6er

... loved by angels.

The medieval name of our village means “loved by angels” and stands for our Top wines. “Engilmar “wines represent our aspiration for remarkable reserve wines with the distinctive provenance of our region

* 2x Engilmar, Grüner Veltliner Große Reserve 2016
* 2x Engilmar, Grüner Veltliner Große Reserve 2018
2x Engilmar, Weißburgunder Große Reserve 2018

145.00 €

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